Chlorine Transfer Hose

“Panacea”® Mark II Hose assemblies are specifically designed to transfer chlorine, bromine, sodium hydroxide, sulfur dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and other corrosive materials. The hoses are manufactured in accordance with Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6 Piping Specifications.

  • Lightweight and ultra flexible for user friendly handling.
  • Competitively priced
  • Self draining , low profile helical
  • Minimum pressure drop for faster load and unload times.
  • Can be inspected safely.
  • Optimal chemical resistance for longer service life.
  • Moisture will not affect internal tube. Hose does not need to be cleaned and capped after every use.

Quality Control & Testing

  • Each hose is material lot traceable.
  • Each hose is subject to stringent QC procedures
    throughout the manufacturing process.
    • Certificate of Conformance is available for each hose, upon request.
  • Each hose is permanently identified in accordance with Chlorine Institute specifications.
  • Each hose is thoroughly cleaned before assembly. No oils, solvents or other contaminants are used in the assembly process.
  • Each hose is pressure tested with nitrogen gas at 2 times the rated operating pressure while fully submerged under water.
  • Each hose is dried and capped for shipment.
  • A unique serial number is applied to each end of the hose for further traceability and is maintained in a permanent log of all hose assemblies.