Panacea® PT70-M


Features and Benefits

  • Molded Style
    • Fits ANSI 150 lb. Flanged Joints.
    • These gaskets are also compatible with many DN-style flange assemblies, simply by altering bolt hole location. This has been proven by many European customers, for example.
  • Virgin PTFE Sealing Surface
    • Almost universal chemical resistance.
    • Non-contaminating for High Purity application.
  • PTFE Bonded to EPDM
    • -51°C (-60°F) to 150°C (300°F) continuous service temperature range.
    • Bonded PTFE has no loose “ears” to interfere with the installation between flanges.
    • EPDM “memory” gives long sealing life.
  • Molded Dual-Seal Design
    • Low Bolt torque required to seal.
    • 2 seals: Primary and Secondary
  • PT70-M gaskets are specified exclusively by many chemical manufacturing and processing sites, including for metallic and non-metallic piping.
  • PT70-M gaskets can be re-used in many instances – please consult Prince Rubber and Plastics for details.
  • Sealing ribs are able to rebound, nearly entirely, in many cases, after being taken out of compression, demonstrating these gaskets’ excellent sealing ability.