Caustic Funnels and Interrupter Assemblies

Molded Funnels
Molded Funnels
Demister Pads
High-Temperature PP Molded Interrupter Cup

Caustic Funnels collect the Caustic from the percolation pipe while the Interrupter Cup creates a droplet flow, which breaks up the electrical current in the caustic exiting the cell.

  • Special long-life Molded DCPD Caustic Funnels & Interrupter Assemblies are molded from DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) a High Temperature RIM material (Reaction Injection Molding).
  • DCPD material has proven to outperform Polypropylene Materials in this Chlor-Alkali Application.

DCPD Advantages

  • Reaction-Injection Molded (RIM) as a single piece
    • Therefore, no weld failure occurs, which otherwise might happen with a welded PP funnel.
    • High-Temperature and Corrosion-Resistant
    • Highly Durable Thermoset Plastic
    • Highly electrically-insulating
    • Service Temperature: -40 to +110°C (-40 to +230°F)
Large DCPD Molded Interrupter Cup
P-72 Interrupter Support Plate