Chlor-Alkali DCPD Cell Heads

MDC 55/66
MDC 55/66

DCPD (*Telene®) Material Advantages

  • Rapid-Injection Molded (RIM) as a single piece.
  • High-temperature and corrosion-resistant.
  • Service Temperature: -40 to 110°C (-40 to 230°F)
  • Highly-durable, impermeable Thermoset Plastic.
  • Highly electrically-insulating
  • Improvements in the mold quality, polymers, and catalysts in the molding process, has mitigated the material void issue that occurred decades ago.
  • Typical Service life: >10 years – performance references are available; please consult Prince for details.
  • Warranty Offered
    • Industry-leading 5-year full-warranty, which can be extended to 7 years – proving confidence that Prince has in this product’s performance. Please consult Prince for warranty details.


  • Existing Cell Heads Available:
    • MDC 55/66, MDC 29, HC4B, DMT43/Solvay BT43
  • Other Cell Head Technologies
    • Molds can be designed to accommodate exact design specs of the customer.
  • Flange Construction
    • Bossed or Extra-thick Flanged Designs are available for Cell Head Outlets, and Cell Head Bases.
  • Lifting Lugs
    • Metallic lifting lugs on top of the cell head, or holes within the reinforcement struts on the sides of the cell heads, are available.
  • Brine Feed and Sampling Holes
    • Through-holes are also available with female threads, to receive bulkhead fittings, if desired. Hole location and type are per customer spec.
  • Titanium or SS Fasteners are available

*Trademark: Telene SAS