Sealing Aids

Prince Compound #6715 and #6715R is an Uncured, No Curative Added, EPDM

This material is tacky on both sides and is used to assist in sealing:

  • Rubber Grid Cover Blanket Bottom Seals to Cathodes
  • Cell Top Gaskets to Cell Heads and Cathodes

DSA Tape helps to provide a liquid seal when there is flange surface heterogeneity.

Without a curative, it flows into voids between the rubber gasket and rigid flange, to help establish a long-term seal.

Prince Compound #6715 standard parts are:

  • 1/32” Thick X 2” Wide X 50-Foot Rolls
  • 1/16” Thick X 1-1/2” Wide X 33-Foot Rolls

Special widths and thicknesses can be produced and are special orders only and minimum purchase quantities may apply. Some examples of special sizes of Prince Compound #6715R include:

  • 1/4” thick X 2” wide X 34-ft rolls
  • 1/8” thick X 2” wide X 34-ft rolls

Material is provided in rolls, with a non-stick release liner.