Plastic Manufacturing and Fabrication

27½" P-72 Slip Flange
BM-2.7 Outlet
Fluoropolymer Connector Tube
P-72 Pipe Spool
Fluoropolymer Connector Tube

Tubing, Hose, Pipe and Valves


High-Performance and Standard Plastic Tubing, as well as Custom-Extruded Rigid and Flexible Plastic Tubing.

Fabrication Capabilities:

Assembly, Thermoforming, Cut-to-Length, Slitting, Coiling, Socket and Flared/Belled Ends, Heat Splicing, Special Braiding. Tube Fittings, Hose Crimping, labeling, and pressure testing available.

Tubing Materials:

Prince’s Custom “Panacea”® Vinyl Tubings, Latex, 1Santoprene®, Nylon®, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF, etc.)

Pipe Materials:


Fluoropolymer Connector Tube
PVDF Sampling Vent Valve
Fluoropolymer Connector Tube
P-72 Fabricated and Welded Header Nozzles
HDPE Anode Edge Guards
P-72 Flanged Pipe Spacers
HDPE Cryogenic Chambers and Lids

Custom Thermoplastic Fabrication

Thermoplastic Fabrication:

  • Precision Fabrication Equipment, including CNC
  • Qualified, Technical Fabricators
  • Dedicated Customer Service Staff
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Prototyping before Production Run

Plastic Fabrication Products:

Prefabricated Piping Systems, Tanks, Trays, Enclosures, Hoods, Sinks, and Ducting. Custom Components, Filter Parts, Formed Parts, Machined Fittings, Machined Parts, Thermoformed Piping from 1/8” to 6” Diameter.

Fabrication Methods and Processes:

CNC Overhead Router, Radial Arm Drill and Tap, End Mill, Lathe, Drill Press, Thermal Sheet Bending, Fusion Plate Welder, Band Saw, Air Shear, Two-Post Hydraulic Press, Traveling Head Press, Pipe Threader, Thermoformed Welding Equipment, Internal and External Threading Equipment.

PVC Chemical Enclosure Cabinet
PVC/ABS Cell Head
P-72 Self-Draining Nozzle Fitting
White PP Funnel/Chute
Polycarbonate Protection Panels
PVC Electrolytic Cell
PVC Electrolytic Cell
PVC Electrolytic Cell
P-72 Brine Feed Dip Tube Components
P-72 Brine Dip Tube Fittings
P-72 Brine Feed Dip Tubes – Finished Assembly
P-72 Brine Dip Tube Assemblies
P-72 Manifold Header
P-72 Fabricated and Welded Header Nozzles
P-72/FRP Dual-Laminate Headers
Welded HDPE Ice Poles
Welded HDPE Ice Poles
P-72 Headers with Base Inlet Flanges
P-72 Manifold Headers - Inlet
P-72 Discharge Headers

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