P-72 Styrene-Copolymer Chlor-Alkali Membrane Cell Room Pipe Systems

  • P-72 Special Thermoplastic pipe is special process piping for Electrolytic Cells in the production of all Chlor-Alkali Chemicals. P-72 is a proprietary compound developed by Prince.
  • Unique higher heat deflection temperature than CPVC or Polypropylene, and in many cases can be used without FRP overwrap, for additional cost savings.
  • Many long-term service temperatures exceed 220°F (104°C)
  • Size range: 1/2” to 12”
  • Up to 36″ diameter available, subject to a minimum extrusion run
  • Reliably bond with nipples, fittings, or pipe risers, as required.

Special P-72 Double-Boss Header Systems

  • Catholyte & Anolyte inlet headers, depleted brine chlorine outlet headers, caustic/hydrogen outlet headers.
  • This system eliminates the problem encountered trying to tap into pipe walls that are too thin to make a strong, reliable joint. The extra thickness of the Double-Boss provides the wall thickness to reliably accept Nipples, Fittings, or Pipe Risers, as required.
  • P-72 Double-Boss Headers with FRP overwrap provide additional structural strength and durability.