P-72 Pipe and Fabrication

P-72 styrene copolymer thermoplastic is used for process piping, headers, nozzles, vessels and custom fabrications. Fiberglass overlay of P-72 is available where required, and is reliably bonded.

Potential Applications:

  • Drum Washer Shower Pipes (with FRP-overlay)
  • Chilled Water Piping
  • ClO₂ Gas Piping
  • Emergency Water Piping feeding a Chlorine Dioxide Generator
  • Methanol Feed
  • Sodium Chlorate Feed
  • Caustic Liquor Feed
  • ClO₂ Fume Collection Header
  • ClO₂ Solution Piping
  • ClO₂ Gas Scrubber
  • Scrubber Liquid Piping
  • ClO₂ Solution
  • Air Sweep piping
  • Nozzle Inserts