Rubber Stoppers and Custom Bulkhead Fittings

Bulkhead Fittings_PTFE and CPVC_4 variations
Bulkhead Fittings_PTFE and CPVC
Large Molded 6962 Special EPDM Stoppers with Center Through-Hole_20210118

Used to receive Chlorine Dogleg Connections, Brine Feed Tube Connections, Sight Glass Tube Connections, and Other Applications.

Rubber Stoppers

Stock Inventory

  • Standard, Solid, Molded Stoppers, sizes: from #000 to #16
  • Standard 1 or 2 Through-hole Stoppers
  • Black Rubber, Neoprene, Pure Gum

Custom Specifications

  • Custom-Molded Stoppers
  • Machined Stoppers
  • Sizes ≤30” diameter
  • Other elastomers available

Size, specification, material required, and quantity, can be produced either by machining a standard stopper or by custom-molding. Please contact Prince with your inquiry.

Prince also offers small rubber parts in a variety of shapes, profiles, and dimensions, including plugs, o-rings, and grommets.

Please view the document below for specific sizing and specification details.

Bulkhead Fittings

Prince machines corrosion-resistant bulkhead fittings from a variety of thermoplastics, including PVDF, PTFE, and CPVC, that reliably seal when elastomer ring gaskets are used concurrently (which Prince also provides).