Chemical Storage Tank Floating Covers

The F130BD Floating Covers for the ClO₂ Vessels are fabricated from P-72 as circumference sections and F-130 fluoroplastic flotation cells in the form of a flexible liner.

Environmental Benefits:

The PANACEA F130BD cover will reduce ClO₂ emmissions from the storage tank top to 98%. Reduced emissions will dramatically decrease the plants’ scrubber requirement, size of the scrubber needed, and the amount of scrubber liquor required.

Safety Benefits:

Safety – during power outages or other air sweep problems the lack of an air sweep in the tank could lead to dangerously high concentrations of chlorine dioxide fumes in the top of the storage vessel. The PANACEA F130BD floating cover greatly reduces the rate of build-up of chlorine dioxide gas in the top of the tank, thereby extending the period of time during a power outage or equipment failure where dangerous conditions are avoided.

The Advantages of the “PANACEA”® F130BD Floating Cover Design are:

  • P-72 and F-130 materials offer outstanding chemical resistance for long life.
  • Thousands of independent flotation cells for long term floatation reliability.
  • The F-130 membrane has very low permeability to gases, for high gas barrier performance.
  • Complete stability in operation.
  • Ease and simplicity of installation.
  • All parts are easily passed into the tank via existing manway.
  • Can be reliably fabricated to any size required.
  • Ease of maintenance and repair.

Financial Benefits:

  • Can store up to 40% more concentrated ClO₂ solution in storage tank with cover than without.
  • Chill up to 28% less chlorine dioxide solution for substantial power and equipment savings.
  • Energy savings of 25% or more on steam when utilizing 33 1/3% stronger chlorine dioxide solution.