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Molded, Extruded
& Fabricated Rubber


We manufacture and Fabricate Standard Molded Parts, Custom Molded Parts and Machine Fabricated Parts. We mold Grommets, Bumpers, Plugs, Stops etc., within a complete spectrum of elastomers. Prince can handle your needs from the concept and drawing stages to prototypes and production runs. We mold in a size range of less that 1/8” to large molded parts. These parts can be produced to standard commercial tolerances or tighter tolerances if required.

• Molded

• Extruded
• Fabricated

Molded Rubber

Service and Capabilities

• Engineering and Assistance
• Elastomer Selection Assistance
• Complete CAD Mold Design
• Tooling Development
• Prototype Development
• Small Production Runs
• Large Production Runs

Elastomer Selection
We manufacture custom molded rubber products for our customers using a variety of compounds. No matter what your project requires in materials, we can create a custom rubber molded solution, like we have for customers for over 75 years.

Prince Panacea® Rubber Materials:
• Special Panacea® 6962 Peroxide cure EPDM
• EP50 Sulfur cure EPDM
• 5170 Ozone Resistant Pure Gum
• Panacea® 1475 TFE/P
• Panacea® 6760 EPDM
• FDA Ingredient approved 40 Duro EPDM
• FDA Ingredient approved 35 Duro EPDM
• Neoprene 60 Duro.

* If there is an elastomer type you are looking for we can develop new compounds with our outside laboratories to fit your needs.

Commercial Elastomers Available:
• Buna
• Butyl
• Natural Rubber
• Neoprene
• Pure Gum
• Viton


Manufacturing & Fabricating Custom & Standard Molded Parts
Prince has the capability to mold these items with various types of elastomers:
• Grommets
• Plugs
• Stoppers
• Larger Frame Gaskets
• Custom Parts

We offer a Small Rubber Parts Catalog — a complete catalog listing of standard molded shapes and extrusion profiles. Please Inquire to receive this catalog.

Prince can handle your needs from the concept and drawing stages to prototypes and production runs. Products can be produced to commercial tolerances or tighter tolerances if required.

• Gasket Fabrication Capabilities
• Hot Vulcanized Spliced
• Enveloped
• Molded and Extruded
• Large Gasket Types
• CNC Machined
• Custom
• Die Punched
• PSA Adhesive Backed
• Armored Fluoroplastic Bonded
• Segmented & Dovetailed
• Welded
  Prototyping Development
We are a custom manufacturer and are willing to discuss and develop products utilizing our materials and manufacturing methods to suit our customer's needs.

Extruded Rubber

Custom and Standard Extrusions

Cord stock, U channel, Rectangle, Bulb, Triangle and more. Extrusions are produced daily. Prince can assist you in determining the best material, hardness and tolerances for your application. If developing a custom extrusion is required, we will assist to insure your parts meet all the necessary requirements.

Prince has capabilities to hot vulcanize splice extrusions, if required .

• Panacea® Specialty Compounds
• Commercial Elastomers
• Highly Engineered Elastomers
• Dual Durometer
• Dual Molding


Fabricated Rubber
• Armoring
• Drilling
• Splicing
• Punching
• Grinding
• Machining
• Adhesive Backed

Armored Elastomers with Fluoroplastic
One of the most recent developments at Prince is the armoring of Elastomers with high temperature Fluoroplastic. This ability has created a material with superior corrosion resistance and increased longevity

Gasketing and Rubber Fabrications
• Adhesive Backed
• Armored Fluoroplastic
• Enveloped
• Heat Spliced
• Large Gasket Types
• Machined
• Molded
• Segmented
• Vulcanized

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