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P-72 Styrene Copolymer Piping Systems

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 P-72 Styrene Copolymer

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What is P-72?

Is a proprietary compound developed by Prince Rubber & Plastics specifically for the chlor-alkali, chlorate and pulp bleaching chemical industries.
Pipe is a styrene copolymer thermoplastic.

Is extruded into pipe, and molded into sheet and fittings. Custom configurations can be molded, extruded or thermoformed. Its excellent machinability allows for the fabrication of many accessory parts.

Pipe is extruded in Schedules 40, 80, and 120 sizes, with the available option of FRP overwrap.

Can be solvent-welded, thermally rod-welded and heat butt-welded, making ease of field installations and special fabrications.

Can be utilized at temperatures up to 212°F (100°C). Overwrapping with FRP can extend P-72's temperature and pressure ratings higher when desired.

Has benefited companies worldwide with extended service life of piping systems and accessory parts, due to its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature capabilities.


P-72 Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic Pipe
P-72 Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic pipe is special process piping for electrolytic cells in the production of chlor-alkali and chlorate chemicals. P-72 is a proprietary compound developed by Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.

P-72 is available in:
• Pipe- in schedule 40, 80, 120 PDF
• Sheet- from 1/8” to 4”thick,
• Fittings up to 18”
• Weld Rod

Fabrications are done by CNC lathe, thermoforming, welding, solvent welding and heat butt welding.

P-72 Styrene Co-Polymer
Membrane Piping Systems

• P-72 Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic pipe is special process piping for Electrolytic Cells in the production of Chlor-Alkali and Chlorate Chemicals. P-72 is a proprietary compound developed by Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.

• Unique higher heat deflection temperature than CPVC or Polypropylene and in most cases can be used without FRP over wrap in Chlor alkali membrane cell rooms for additional savings.

• Size range 1/2” to 18”
Up to 36" diameter available, subject to a minimum extrusion run.

Special P-72 Double Boss Header Systems

• Catholyte & Anolyte outlet sub-headers

• We have developed two Double Boss Headers for use where threaded connections can easily be installed in the Double Boss.

• This system eliminates the problem encountered trying to tap into pipe walls that are too thin. The extra thickness of the Double Boss provides the wall thickness to accept Nipples, Fittings, or Pipe Risers as required.

• P-72 Double Boss Headers with FRP overwrap provides the additional structural strength and durability when required.

P-72 Cell Header Piping Systems

P-72: Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic pipe is used as the header pipe to transfer hot wet chlorine gas and hydrogen gas in chlor-alkali applications. Other applications include brine transfer and condensate.

Double Boss headers
P-72 External header
P-72 Internal
Collars with Ring Flanges
Custom Components

Chlorine and Hydrogen Cell Connector Pipes (Doglegs)

Custom Thermoformed Sections of P-72 pipe are used to collect the hot wet Chlorine Gas and Hydrogen gas from the Cell-to-Header Pipe system. This high temperature, corrosion resistant material has great advantage over other materials.

Available in P-72, CPVC, FRP



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