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Prince is challenged every day with tough to handle gasketing applications primarily in the Chemical Industry, but all industries have their sealing challenges. We have the ability to Mold, Extrude and Fabricate material with your primary concerns at hand.

We proudly offer all Industries and OEM’s a diversity of gasketing capabilities and materials. We also provide assistance with engineering, elastomer selection, design and tool development. Whether utilizing our Panacea® Compounds or Commercial grade rubber compounds, your sealing requirements will be met.

• Gasketing Capabilities
• Panacea® Compound Materials
• Replacement Membrane Cell Gaskets
• Gaskets for Diaphragm Cell Piping Systems



Gasket Fabrication Capabilities and Gasketing Types

• Vulcanized
• Large Gasket Types
• Adhesive Backed
• Heat Splice
• Enveloped
• Machined
• Armored Fluoroplastic
• Segmented
• Molded and Extruded

Depending on the needs and requirements of our customers gasketing application, the material used in fabrication can be selected from commercial grade gasketing materials or from specialty compounds of Panacea® brand materials.

Panacea® Gasketing Proprietary Compounds "A Cure All"

• 6962 Special EPDM
• Armored Fluoroplastic Encapsulated "69" series
• PP-363
• PP-340 / R3400
• 1475 TFE-P Copolymer
• PT-G White
• PT-70-M "Easy to Seal" PTFE Protected EPDM Gaskets
• "51" Series Pure Gum Rubber

Commercial Gasketing Materials
• Natural Rubber
• Silicon
• Viton
• Butyl
• Nitrile
• Neoprene
• Expanded PTFE
• Polyethylene
• Polypropylene
• “Asbestos Substitute”
• Spiral Wound Products
    Prince Panacea® Compound Materials

(See Gasketing Material for More Info)

PDF6962 Special EPDM Peroxide Cured Sheet 
High Polymer content, Peroxide cured EPDM provides resistance to temperatures through 300°F on a wide range of chemicals and maintains its resistance to compression set better than any commercial grade EPDM’s.

Sheet availability
1/16” thick x 52” wide
1/8” thick x 48” wide
3/16” thick x 48” wide
1/4” thick x 48” wide

ANSI 150# Ring Gaskets
Available thickness - 1/16” 1/8” 3/16”
Nominal Pipe Size 1⁄2” to 36” new and old style

Armored Fluoroplastic Encapsulated "69" series
The fluoroplastic 69 series gasket product series was developed to provide the ultimate chemical resistance of a fluoroplastic such as PTFE or FEP, combined with compression set, temperature range, and chemical resistance of the Prince Panacea® "69" Series EPDM for long-life, reliable seals.

Typical applications for this product configuration are found in the Chlor-Alkali industry for anode gaskets and the Chlorate Industry for electrolyzer gaskets. For gasket applications that require very inert materials such as PTFE and FEP in contact with the client’s product combined with the compression set, temperature range, and chemical resistance of the Prince Special "69" Series EPDM for long-life, reliable seals.

A typical application for this product configuration is ultra-pure chemical production for the computer microchip industry.

(See Gasketing Material for More Info)

Easy to seal reliable gasketing for Hydrogen Peroxide. Utilized in Pulp bleach mills around the world.

• Available in sheet, cut gaskets and tubing.
• Available sheet- 1/16”, 1/8th, 3/16”, 1⁄4” 36”x36” and 48”x48”
• Available in Black with a minimum order.



(See Gasketing Material for More Info)

R-3400 Ad

PDFR-3400 / PP-340


Extruded, Easy-to-Seal, Black Vinyl Gasketing material
Roll Sizes: 1/8” and 3/16” thick; 48” wide by 50 ft. long

Press made sheet, Easy-to-Seal, Black Vinyl Gasketing material
Sheet Sizes: 1/16” to 1⁄4” thick, 48” X 48” sheets

Available In:
• Roll Stock
• Molded Sheet
• Cross Section Extrusions
• Tubing
• Cord Stock

For use in Chlorine Dioxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Brine, Hypo and difficult to handle acids.
• Available in ANSI 150# style full face gaskets 1⁄2” to 36” pipe sizes

R-3400 and PP-340 compounds differ only by the process of production and the sizes available.



(See Gasketing Material for More Info)
PDFSpecial 1475 TFE-P Copolymer
This compound of Tetrafluoroethylene Elastomer differs greatly from other fluorocarbon elastomers because it does not contain Hexafluoropropylene or vinylidine Fluride.

(See Gasketing Material for More Info)

• PT-G white gasketing material contains inorganic round beads, consistently disbursed throughout a PTFE base.

• This special PTFE Fluoroplastic compound is utilized in highly corrosive environments with temperatures up to 500°F.

• Its resistance to permanent set, low creep under pressure and its ability to form on uneven or warped flanges is what it is known for.

• PT-G White sheet is available in 1/16”, 1/8” thick sheet by 48”x 96”or 48”X 48” or cut gaskets


PDFPT-70-M "Easy to Seal" PTFE Protected EPDM Gaskets
• A molded gasket that has been armored with a bonded virgin PTFE to protect the Peroxide cured EPDM.

• Gasket has two sealing rings a primary and secondary (Except the 1⁄2” size which has one sealing ring).

• Gasket has a compression lip at each bolt hole and used as a 150lb. pipe flange gasket.

• Almost universal Chemical Resistance and non-contaminating for ultra-pure applications, along with the EPDM memory giving a long sealing life.

• Available size molded gaskets 1/2” up to 24” ID


(See Gasketing Material for More Info)
PDF"51" Series Pure Gum Rubber
• Heat, ozone and ultra-violet resisting
• Specially compounded pure gum with antioxidants.

Panacea® Advanced
Replacement Membrane Cell Gasket Systems

Molded Replacement Gaskets for Popular Chlor-Alkali Electrolyzers are advanced by Prince’s technology of using Panacea® proprietary compounds of rubber gasketing materials that increase the life of the material. Prince’s advanced methods of increasing the security of the fluoroplastic shields are done by extending the length of the shield and by sealing more of the sealing face.

More Info More Details...Chlor-Alkali Membrane Cell Parts

Prince Prominent Examples of
Replacement Membrane Gasket Types for use in:

• FM21/1500™ Technology
• Lurgi™ Technology
• MGC/ExL™ TEchnology
• ML32™ Technology
• DD350™ Technology
• Bitac® Technology
• BICHLOR™ Technology
  Trademarks respectively as listed:
INEOS Chlor Ltd. • Lurgi GmbH • De Nora Tech Inc. • Asahi KASEI Chemicals Corp. • Industrie De Nora S.p.A. • Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd

Gaskets for Diaphragm Cell Piping Systems
Diaphragm cell piping gaskets need to be temperature resistant, chemical resistant and non-contaminating to ultra-pure brine and provide long sealing life. Prince Panacea® 6962 Special EPDM exhibits all of these characteristics, and is used widely for hot, wet chlorine gas, ultra-pure brine, hydrogen gas, potassium and sodium hydroxide, and catholyte service.

For purposes of utilizing 6962 stock in Electrolytic Diaphragm-type Chlor-Alkali applications, 6962 is compounded without the use of Calcium or Magnesium as ingredients. These types of metals or elements are potentially injurious to fluorobased Diaphragms; the fact that 6962 is compounded without these ingredients, makes it a prime consideration for Gasketing in Electrolytic Diaphragm applications.

• A molded gasket that has been armored with a bonded virgin PTFE to protect the Peroxide cured EPDM.

More Info More Details...Chlor-Alkali Diaphragm Cell Parts


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