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Pulp Bleaching
Hydrogen Peroxide

The bleaching of wood pulp is the chemical process that decreases the color of pulp (Brown) to a whiter or brighter color. These processes are done through the use of different chemicals; Sodium Chlorate, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Caustic Soda, based on the type of pulp being bleached. These processes are corrosive in nature and require specialized gasketing and process piping systems to handle the operation.
For over 80 years Prince Rubber & Plastic’s Panacea® gasketing materials and P-72 thermoplastic pipe have been found to be great solutions for handling the specialized gasketing and process piping requirements.

    "Panacea"® Gasketing For Hydrogen Peroxide Production
Special Compound of Plasticized Vinyl for use in Hydrogen Peroxide

Easy to seal reliable gasketing for Hydrogen Peroxide. Utilized in Pulp bleach mills around the world.

• Available in sheet, cut gaskets and tubing.
• Available sheet- 1/16”, 1/8th, 3/16”, 1⁄4” 36”x36” and 48”x48”
• Available in Black with a minimum order.

Immediate delivery in most cases



"Easy to Seal" PTFE Protected EPDM Gaskets

• A molded gasket that has been armored with a bonded virgin PTFE to protect the Peroxide cured EPDM.

• Gasket has two sealing rings a primary and secondary (Except the 1⁄2” size which has one sealing ring).

• Gasket has a compression lip at each bolt hole and used as a 150lb. pipe flange gasket.

• Almost universal Chemical Resistance and non-contaminating for ultra-pure applications, along with the EPDM memory giving a long sealing life.

• Available size molded gaskets 1/2” up to 24” ID

Panacea® PT70-M PTFE

PTG White

• PT-G white gasketing material contains inorganic round beads, consistently disbursed throughout a PTFE base.

• This special PTFE Fluoroplastic compound is utilized in highly corrosive environments with temperatures up to 500°F.

• Its resistance to permanent set, low creep under pressure and its ability to form on uneven or warped flanges is what it is known for.

• PT-G White sheet is available in 1/16”, 1/8” thick sheet by 48”x 96”or 48”X 48” or cut gaskets.

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