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Pulp Bleaching
Chlorine Dioxide

The bleaching of wood pulp is the chemical process that decreases the color of pulp (Brown) to a whiter or brighter color. These processes are done through the use of different chemicals; Sodium Chlorate, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Caustic Soda, based on the type of pulp being bleached. These processes are corrosive in nature and require specialized gasketing and process piping systems to handle the operation.
For over 80 years Prince Rubber & Plastic’s Panacea® gasketing materials and P-72 thermoplastic pipe have been found to be great solutions for handling the specialized gasketing and process piping requirements.

• Gasketing
• Gasketing Application Guide
• P-72 Pipe & Fabrication
• Diagrams for Typical Chlorine Dioxide Pulp Mill Systems
• CLO2 Vessels, Floating Covers

    Panacea® Gasketing
More Info Panacea® Gasketing Material

Extruded, Easy-to-Seal, Black Vinyl Gasketing material
Roll Sizes: 1/8” and 3/16” thick; 48” wide by 50 ft. long

Press made sheet, Easy-to-Seal, Black Vinyl Gasketing material
Sheet Sizes: 1/16” to 1⁄4” thick, 48” X 48” sheets

Available In:
• Roll Stock
• Molded Sheet
• Cross Section Extrusions
• Tubing
• Cord Stock

Recommended Applications for Pulp Bleach Mills
   • CLO2 Gas Piping
  • Chilled Water Piping
  • CLO2 Solution Piping
  • CLO2 Fume Collection Header
  • CLO2 Solution for Bleachery
  • Explosion Hatch Cover
  • Nozzle Inserts
6962 EPDM
High Polymer content, Peroxide cured EPDM provides resistance to temperatures through 300 degrees F
on a wide range of chemicals and maintains its resistance to compression set better than any commercial grade EPDM’s.

Available in:
• Gasketing Material
• Hose
• Tubing
• Extrusions Expansion Joints
• Molded Products
• Linings
• Fabricated Parts

6962 Recommended Applications for Pulp Bleach Mills
  • Emergency Water Piping
  • Chilled Water Piping
  • Scrubber Liquor Piping

  6962 EPDM


PTG White
PTG WHITE is a special PTFE Fluoroplastic Gasketing Compound with bead reinforcing. Material displays light flange loading in temperatures from -300°F up to 500°F, displays a low creep factor under pressure and further is easy to remove from flanges. Resistance to permanent set is one of its desired traits together with ease in formability on uneven or warped flanged faces.

PTG Recommended Applications for Pulp Bleach Mills
  • CLO2 Solution to Bleachery


PP-363 Plasticized Vinyl
PP-363 is a special compound of Plasticized Vinyl, easy to seal reliable gasketing material for Hydrogen Peroxide.
PP-363 is translucent in color but available in black on special order.

PP-363 Recommended Applications for Pulp Mills
  • For use in Hydrogen Peroxide

 PP-363 EPDM


Panacea® Gasketing Application Guide

Liquid or
Gas Service
Temp. Range
Suggested Gasket
Liquid Sodium Chlorate
70° F (ambient)
50° to 90° F
to 40 PSI
6962, PP-340, R3400
Chlorine Dioxide Gas
140° F to 18° F
near full Vacuum
PP-340, R3400,
PT-G White
Chlorine Dioxide Solution, 0 to 14gm/l
45° F - 55° F
 0 to 60 psi
PP-340, R3400
Chlorine Dioxide Solution,heated 0 to 14 gm/l
130° F +
130° F
PT-G White
PP-340, R3400
Caustic Scrubber Liquor,or Water
50° sto 90° F
6962, PP-340, R3400
Chlorine Dioxide/Air Mixture
45° to 55° F
PP-340/R3400 to slight Vacuum

Note: The above are guidelines only. Specific details should be discussed with our technical people to verify proper use of a particular product in a specific application. Flange design, and materials of construction, quality of flanges used, available bolt torques, ete., can also affect material choices.


P-72 Pipe and Fabrication
P-72 is a rigid styrene copolymer thermoplastic material used for process piping, headers, nozzles and vessels. Fiberglass overlay P-72 is available when required.

Recommended Applications
   • Chilled Water Piping
   • CLO2 Gas Piping
   • Emergency Water Piping Methanol Feed
   • Sodium Chlorate Feed
   • CLO2 Fume Collection Header
   • CLO2 Solution Piping
   • CLO2 Gas Scrubber
   • Scrubber Liquid Piping
   • CLO2 Solution to Bleachery
   • Air Sweep piping
   • Nozzle Inserts

More Info P-72 Styrene Copolymer Piping Systems


Diagrams for Typical Chlorine Dioxide Pulp Mill Systems

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 Panacea® GASKETS     |
      P-72 PIPE SYSTEM


Floating Covers
for Chlorine Dioxide Solution Storage Tanks

The F130BD Floating Covers for the CLO2 Vessels are fabricated from P-72 as circumference sections and F-130 fluoroplastic flotation cells in the form of a flexible liner.

The Advantages of the "PANACEA"® F130BD Floating Cover Design are:

  • P-72 and F-130 materials offer outstanding chemical resistance for long life.
  • Thousands of independent flotation cells for long term floatation reliability.
  • The F-130 membrane has very low permeability to gases, for high gas barrier performance.
  • Complete stability in operation.
  • Ease and simplicity of installation.
  • All parts are easily passed into the tank via existing manway.
  • Can be reliably fabricated to any size required.
  • Ease of maintenance and repair.

Financial Benefits

  • Can store up to 40% more concentrated CLO2 solution in storage tank with cover than without.
  • Chill up to 28% less chlorine dioxide solution for substantial power and equipment savings.
  • Energy savings of 25% or more on steam when utilizing 33 1/3% stronger chlorine dioxide solution.

Environmental / Safety Benefits

Environmental Benefits
The PANACEA F130BD cover will reduce CLO2 emmissions from the storage tank top to 98%. Reduced emissions will dramatically decrease the plants' scrubber requirement, size of the scrubber needed, and the amount of scrubber liquor required.

Safety Benefits
Safety – during power outages or other air sweep problems the lack of an air sweep in the tank could lead to dangerously high concentrations of chlorine dioxide fumes in the top of the storage vessel. The PANACEA F130BD floating cover greatly reduces the rate of build-up of chlorine dioxide gas in the top of the tank, thereby extending the period of time during a power outage or equipment failure where dangerous conditions are avoided.

 Floating Covers for
Chlorine Dioxide Solution Storage Tanks

View above PDF for Cover Design, Properties Charts and Construction Illustration.

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