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Mercury Cell Parts


World Innovators In Chlor-Alkali Cell Accessories

The relationship between the founder of Prince Rubber & Plastic Co., Inc., Sidney W. Prince and a Hooker Chemical engineer in Niagara Falls, NY ignited in the early 1930's with the need to develop compounds of rubber and plastic materials that could handle the corrosive nature of manufacturing chlorine and caustic soda.
Prince started to develop Panacea® Compounds, which were corrosive resistant rubber and plastic materials that could be made into the necessary parts to manufacture these chemicals. Gasketing, piping systems, flexible hose connectors and more were made with these "Cure-All" materials to the benefit of the plant's overall production.
Prince’s 80 years of advancing these materials, along with the capability of precision fabrication, has benefited Chlor-Alkali Plants worldwide with longer life, reliable cell parts and piping systems. We support all the Electrolytic Technologies of Chlor-Alkali Production and many other Chemical processes, all over the world.

• Flexible Covers
• Cell Gaskets
• Rubber Stoppers & Stopper Gaskets
• Anode Seals / Holders
• DCPD Molded End Boxes, Siderails
• Elastomeric Hose Connectors
• Flexible Hose Connectors
• Chlorine Transfer Hose
• Caustic Interruptors
• Chlorine & Hydrogen Connector Pipes
• Chlor-Alkali Cell Circuit(s) Piping


Flexible Covers
Fluoroplastic F230LP long life special PTFE, with low permeability and weldable to accommodate various length and widths.
• Temperature exceeds 600°F
• Superior flexibility
• Better fatigue life compared to other fluoroplastics


Panacea® Cell Gaskets
"69" Series Fabricated and or Extruded Special Designs for Side Channels, End Box Gaskets and Anode Seals.

High Polymer content, Peroxide cured EPDM provides resistance to temperatures through 300°F on a wide range of chemicals and maintains its resistance to compression set better than any commercial grade EPDM’s.

Sheet availability
1/16” thick x 52” wide
1/8” thick x 48” wide
3/16” thick x 48” wide
1/4” thick x 48” wide

ANSI 150# Ring Gaskets
Available thickness - 1/16” 1/8” 3/16”
Nominal Pipe Size 1⁄2” to 36” new and old style


Rubber Stoppers and Stopper Gaskets
For Chlorine Dogleg Connections, Brine Feed Tube Connections, Sight Tube Connections and Other Applications

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Panacea® Anode Seals / Holders

• Panacea "69" Series Special EPDM, Die Cut, Fabricated, and Molded Fluoroplastic "Armored" with F230 "69" EPDM Series .
• P-72 High temperature styrene copolymer Holders


DCPD Molded End Boxes, Siderails
DCPD is a material that has superior life compared to fabricated FRP units.


Panacea® Elastomeric Hose Connectors

• "69" Series Special EPDM for Hot, Wet Chlorine, Hydrogen, Brine, Caustic
• "51" Series Special Pure Gum for Hydrogen, Brine, Caustic

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Panacea® Flexible Hose Connectors

• Convoluted Fluoroplastic Flexible F230LP and Other (FEP,PTFE)

More Info Plastic Hose & Tubing


Chlorine Transfer Hose
Light weight and flexible thermoplastic hose specifically designed to transfer chlorine. This hose is manufactured in accordance with the Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6 Piping Specifications


Caustic Interrupters


More Info DCPD Funnels & Interrupter Cups

 Caustic Funnels &
Interruptor Assemblies


Chlorine and Hydrogen Connector Pipes
Special P-72 Thermoformed Sections for Chlorine, Hydrogen Cell-Header Piping

More Info P-72 Styrene Copolymer


Chlor-Alkali Cell Circuit(s) Piping

• P-72 for Hot, Wet Chlorine, Hydrogen, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Brine, Condensate
• Special Molded DCPD Sections
• Special Configuration Brine Flow Control Piping

More Info P-72 Styrene Copolymer


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