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Diaphragm Cell PArts


World Innovators In Chlor-Alkali Cell Accessories

The relationship between the founder of Prince Rubber & Plastic Co., Inc., Sidney W. Prince and a Hooker Chemical engineer in Niagara Falls, NY ignited in the early 1930's with the need to develop compounds of rubber and plastic materials that could handle the corrosive nature of manufacturing chlorine and caustic soda.
Prince started to develop Panacea® Compounds, which were corrosive resistant rubber and plastic materials that could be made into the necessary parts to manufacture these chemicals. Gasketing, piping systems, flexible hose connectors and more were made with these "Cure-All" materials to the benefit of the plant's overall production.
Prince’s 80 years of advancing these materials, along with the capability of precision fabrication, has benefited Chlor-Alkali Plants worldwide with longer life, reliable cell parts and piping systems. We support all the Electrolytic Technologies of Chlor-Alkali Production and many other Chemical processes, all over the world.

• Grid Covers
• Cell Gasketing; Top and Bottom Seals
• Flexible Sleeve Connectors and Bellows
• Chlorine Transfer Hose
• Brine Tubing
• Gaskets for Diaphragm Cell Piping Systems
• Rubber Stoppers and Stopper Gaskets
• P-72 Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic Pipe
• Chlorine and Hydrogen Cell Connector Pipes (Doglegs)
• Special Configuration Brine Flow Control Piping
• Caustic Funnels & Innteruptor Assemblies
• Anode Spacers
• Sealing Aids

Diaphragm Cell Grid Covers
The Grid covers are used to protect the copper grid from corrosion during the electrolytic process.

Mark I & Mark ll Series
1. Grid Cover Elastomeric compound options, 1⁄4” thick
    6962 Special EPDM
    6760 Special EPDM
    HK-94 Grid Cover Elastomers, 1/4" thick, available compounds:
2. Bottom Seals
    • 6055 Special EPDM Ribbed, Easy to Seal. Available in 1-1/2", 2", 3" Widths
    • Half Round available in 3/4" or 1/2" thick
3. No Drip Trims
    • EPDM Triangles, available in 3/4" or 1/2" PDF

Mark lll & Mark lll+ Series
1. Grid Cover Elastomer, 6962 Special EPDM, available in 3/16" or 1/4" thick
2. Anode Post Gaskets, 6962 Special EPDM, used with 3/16" thick base
3. F230LP, Fluoroplastic Face
4. Bottom Seal available in:
    A. 6055 Special EPDM bonded
    B. 6055 or 6040 special EPDM with location Groove, and 3/4" half round bonded to the blanket for the purpose of locating the 6055 or 6040 Seal PDF .

Diaphragm Cell Blankets
(Mark I, II, III Series)
All Series of Mark l through Mark lll are based on Customer preference of selection of bottom seals, compound used, and armored with or without a fluoroplastic face. These selections can easily be discussed with our technical sales department.

Mark lll HB Grid Protectors

Diaphragm Cell Blankets
(Mark III HB Series)
• The New Mark III HB Grid Protector incorporates a new Hot Bond process of laminating the Special F230LP fluoroplastic film to the Panacea® 6962 EPDM Rubber.
• The New Mark III HB Grid Cover was developed to be used with synthetic diaphragms. These synthetic diaphragms that are being used more regularly in chlor-alkali diaphragm cell are exhibiting a 3+ year service life.
• In order to best utilize this new Diaphragm technology, Prince developed an improved seal system for the cathode, cell head and anode posts in the Mark III Grid Protector.


Panacea® Cell Gasketing; Top and Bottom Seals
Specially designed seal configurations are used for the top cell cover and bottom base of the cells to prevent cell leakage.

Diaphragm Cell Cathode Top Seals
• Panacea® Special EPDM Sponge Rubber with Special Configurations
• Panacea® Special EPDM Rubber Long-life, Easy-to-Seal Configurations

Diaphragm Cell Cathode Bottom Seals
• Panacea® Special EPDM Easy-To Seal configurations, comes in different widths, durometer’s and profiles.

Customer preference in durometer, surface sealabilty, material and Inquire pairing of seals can easily be discussed with our technical sales department.

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Panacea® Flexible Sleeve Connectors and Bellows

Flexible sleeve connectors are used to compensate for the expansion and contraction
in the cell piping systems.

· Special "6962" EPDM Sleeve, for Hot, Wet Chlorine, Hydrogen, Brine,Caustic
· Special "5170" Gum Hose Sleeve, for Brine, Hydrogen
· Special “F230LP” Fluoroplastic Convoluted Bellows

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Chlorine Transfer Hose
Light weight and flexible thermoplastic hose specifically designed to transfer chlorine. This hose is manufactured in accordance with the Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6 Piping Specifications.
Assemblies are specifically designed to transfer chlorine, bromine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and other corrosive materials.


Panacea® Brine Tubing
UV resistant tubing used for the transfer of brine from storage to cell.

"69" Special EPDM Tubing, from 1/2” to 6-5/8”
"51" Series Special Pure Gum Rubber


Gaskets for Diaphragm Cell Piping Systems
Diaphragm cell piping gaskets need to be temperature resistant, chemical resistant and non-contaminating to ultra-pure brine and provide long sealing life. Prince Panacea® 6962 Special EPDM exhibits all of these characteristics, and is used widely for hot, wet chlorine gas, ultra-pure brine, hydrogen gas, potassium and sodium hydroxide, and catholyte service.

For purposes of utilizing 6962 stock in Electrolytic Diaphragm-type Chlor-Alkali applications, 6962 is compounded without the use of Calcium or Magnesium as ingredients. These types of metals or elements are potentially injurious to fluorobased Diaphragms; the fact that 6962 is compounded without these ingredients, makes it a prime consideration for Gasketing in Electrolytic Diaphragm applications.

6962 Special EPDM Peroxide Cured Sheet
• Sheet availability - 1/16” thick x 52” wide
• 1/8” thick x 48” wide
• 3/16” thick x 48” wide
• 1/4” thick x 48” wide

• ANSI 150# Ring Gaskets
• Available thickness - 1/16” 1/8” 3/16”
• Nominal Pipe Size 1⁄2” to 36” new and old style


• A molded gasket that has been armored with a bonded virgin PTFE to protect the Peroxide cured EPDM.
• Gasket has two sealing rings a primary and secondary (Except the 1⁄2” size which has one sealing ring).
• Gasket has a compression lip at each bolt hole and used as a 150lb. pipe flange gasket.
• Almost universal Chemical Resistance and non-contaminating for ultra-pure applications, along with the EPDM memory giving a long sealing life.
• Available size molded gaskets 1/2” up to 24” ID


Rubber Stoppers and Stopper Gaskets
For use as Chlorine Dogleg Connections, Brine Feed Tube Connections and Sight Glass
Tube Connections and Other Applications.

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P-72 Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic Pipe
P-72 Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic pipe is special process piping for electrolytic cells in the production of chlor-alkali and chlorate chemicals. P-72 is a proprietary compound developed by Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.

P-72 is available in:
• Pipe- in schedule 40, 80, 120 PDF
• Sheet- from 1/8” to 4”thick,
• Fittings up to 18”
• Weld Rod

Fabrications are done by CNC lathe, thermoforming, welding, solvent welding and heat butt welding.

Chlor Alkali Diaphragm P-72 Cell Header Piping Systems
P-72: Special Styrene Copolymer Thermoplastic pipe is used as the header pipe to transfer hot wet chlorine gas and hydrogen gas in chlor-alkali applications. Other applications include brine transfer and condensate.

• Double Boss headers
• P-72 External header
• P-72 Internal
• Collars with Ring Flanges
• Custom Component

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Chlorine and Hydrogen Cell Connector Pipes (Doglegs)
Custom Thermoformed Sections of P-72 pipe are used to collect the hot wet Chlorine Gas and Hydrogen gas from the Cell-to-Header Pipe system. This high temperature, corrosion resistant material has great advantage over other materials.

Available in P-72, CPVC, FRP

More Info P-72 Styrene Copolymer


Special Configuration Brine Flow Control Piping

Custom pipe configurations are designed to fit the need of feeding the brine to the cell.

Downcomer Pipe - Fabricated from P-72 or CPVC
Brine Feed Pipe - Fabricated from P-72 or CPVC
Dip Tubes - Molded DCPD


Caustic Funnels and Interrupter Assemblies
Caustic Funnels collect the Caustic from the cell spout while the Interrupter Cup breaks down the electrical circuit in the caustic exiting the cell.

DCPD Molded Funnels
DCPD Molded Interrupter Cups
Interrupter Support Plate
Demister Pads
Adapter Bushings

  • Special long life Molded DCPD Caustic Funnels & Interrupter Assemblies are molded from DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) a High Temperature RIM material ( Reaction Injection Molding).
  • DCPD material has proven to outperform Polypropylene Materials in this Chlor-Alkali Application.
More Info DCPD Funnels & Interrupter Cups

Anode Spacers
Custom diameters and lengths are formed to fit over the anode. The purpose of the anode spacer is to keep the Anodes separated in the cell to eliminate short circuiting.

Available in P-72, Kynar PVDF and PVDF


Sealing Aids
Special Uncured EPDM Tape is available to assist in filling gaps and warped surfaces on flange face of the cell cover.


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