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Shipping Receiving Clerk  

Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Buffalo, NY

Apply: E-mail resume:

Description: The position is a second position in the shipping department, where the new employee will work with the present shipper/receiver.

  • Receiving: receive & verify & distribute incoming shipments.
  • Shipping: Pick, or receive from other departments, goods to be shipped. Verify & prepare (protect, package and/or crate, weigh) outgoing goods, using shipping schedule and liaison with Inside Sales Dept. Assemble (sometimes design) wooden or cardboard containers as required.
  • Arrange outgoing shipments with carriers, prepare all paperwork for domestic & international shipments
  • Update company records re receiving shipping via computer inputs on company software.
  • Operate equipment such as fork lift truck, pallet jacks, and wheeled carts, to unload, load, and place material in inventory.
  • Perform cycle counts of inventory regularly, as directed.
  • Evaluate and help negotiate common carrier services.
Salary, vacation, profit sharing, Medical plan, 401K, ESOP.

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Site/Shop Assistant Manager Trainee  

Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Apply: E-mail resume:

Description: To assist to organize and direct a fabrication shop and branch office. Company is an established manufacturer and fabricator of a variety of rubber & plastics products. The person will assist with :

  • Coordinating labor, material and equipment utilization to achieve production and shipping objectives
  • Plant and office equipment maintenance and repair
  • QC and Safety efforts and programs
  • Document flow
  • Personnel training
  • Site Supervision
  • other related items

Candidates should have formal education or other relevant credentials in this area. Candidates should also be familiar with computers, and computer Software such as Microsoft, Excel, Word, and Outlook, and business operating software, which the Company utilizes.

Compensation includes salary, profit sharing plan, 401K with Company participation, medical benefit plan, Company Vacation plan.

Responses should include a complete resume including education achievements, and work history, and salary expectations.

Rubber Processing Technician  

Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Buffalo, NY

Apply: E-mail resume:

Description: Exp’d in the area(s) of Milling, Calendaring, Extruding and Compression Molding Rubber.

Salary, vacation, profit sharing, full medical plan, 401K w/match.
Rubber & Plastic Shop Fabricator  

Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Buffalo, NY

Apply: No calls or walk-ins.
E-mail resume:

Experience in a manufacturing environment
Knowledge of Quality control activities
Ability to read blueprints
Hand and power tools
Must be able to lift up to 75+ lbs
Use measuring instruments to inspect parts
Ability to multi-task and work in a team environment

Thermoplastic fabrication
Tube cutting and fabrication
CNC Machine operators
Thermoplastic welding
Using solvent and bonding cements
Rubber molding and fabricating

Salary, vacation, profit sharing, full medical plan, 401K w/match.

Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Northern Headquarters: USA

Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.
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Buffalo, NY 14207

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Southern Division: USA

Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.
11400 Richcroft Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Tel: (225) 272-1653
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